I an NOT an overnight success story…

Hi, I’m Chelle Honiker. I stumbled into freelancing back when the Internet was shiny and new. Before it was integral to everything in our lives. I was a travel agent, then a trainer and chief technology officer for some pretty cutting edge companies. I had a 20-million dollar technology playground and it was glorious.

But I was restless and hated working for someone else. 

I was a vagabond at heart… chained to a desk and a lifestyle I hated. Raising two girls I barely had any time with.

It would take some drastic turns of events to break free, and now I can look back on  an incredibly successful freelance career spanning over two decades. I’ve been a website designer, marketing strategist, social media expert, wedding planner, and author.

I’ve led not one, but two non-profit organizations with thousands of freelance members worldwide as their executive director and chief trainer. 

I’ve built 6 profitable companies. I’ve spoken at some of the biggest travel conferences all over the world. I’ve become a TEDx Organizer and helped others share their ideas.

I created training programs for thousands of freelancers and small business owners. 

Building my own businesses has been like getting an MBA in slow motion. I’ve learned how to pivot, survive and thrive. And I’ve helped others do the same. Through recessions, global market crashes, natural disasters, 9/11, and other situations too crazy to believe. I’ve seen and done it all.

And now I’m sharing what I know with you.

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We exist to teach anyone that wants to create a profitable lifestyle business to start, grow, and run one, so they can live and work anywhere they choose

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