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Freelancer. Digital Nomad. Independent.

Wanderer. Vagabond.

All variations of the same thing. Freedom.

The freedom to live and work wherever you want to. The freedom to design a career and life without the tether of a traditional office setting. The freedom to reject sitting in a cubicle until you die… probably of boredom. The freedom to embrace the global economy and to find customers that you want to do business with.

Building a Vagabond Empire doesn’t mean you’re sitting on a beach in Bali writing blog posts (But let’s face it, that sounds pretty good, right?) It also doesn’t mean you’re a starving artist, sacrificing stuff for experiences. In this book, you’ll see that you can be a hyper-successful freelancer making six figures (or more!) while you travel. Or, you might not want to travel at all, preferring to simply have the income a thriving business brings. You can still be a non-traveling vagabond building an empire. It’s your choice

With Practical Guidance, Proven Strategies, and Downloadable Worksheets, Vagabond Empires is the Essential Startup Kit for Every Freelance Entrepreneur. 

Vagabond Empire Builders Live Life on Their Own Terms

You can travel with your kids’ sports or dance teams. You can bake cupcakes for the fundraiser and make that doctors’ appointment. You can be fully present.

This book is meant for people that are dead broke, tired, burning the candle at both ends and don’t have a clue how to start, or what to change. It’s a roadmap showing you clearly what others have done that worked.

It’s designed as a step-by-step guide to building a location independent business in the best way possible – by bootstrapping it. It serves as a trusted reference you can read again and again as you need it. It’s your personal roadmap and guide before and after you launch.

And It doesn’t end with this book. The companion website is your expanded resource connecting you with your tribe – as well as gigs and tools you can use at any stage of your journey.

Choosing the Vagabond Empire Life
What’s your personal definition of success? Are you a business owner or a freelancer? Working to scale your business or staying decidedly small by choice? This chapter helps you clarify your mission and vision. We’ll discuss some of the options for living the laptop life, and ways you can generate passive income or start a side hustle.

Entrepreneur Readiness
This chapter dives deep into your readiness to start a successful business, even if you’re the only employee. We’ll discuss business ethics, time management, and personal development.

Business Basics
Let’s unravel the types of business structures for US-based companies and tax considerations when working abroad. We’ll dive into the best practices for contracts with clients. Learn a secret way to take bigger jobs for more money. Simple, solid contract examples are included.

Pre-Launch Checklist
Define key elements of your business; your ideal customer, your brand, your offer, and your elevator pitch. With these elements firmly in place, you’ll be able to confidently start your launch countdown clock.

Money In and Money Out
Most freelance business owners have FOPO – fear of pricing out, undercharging and overpromising. This chapter shows you how to break that vicious cycle for good. Learn to accurately count and keep more of your hard-earned wealth with reliable accounting basics and proper invoicing practices.

Marketing Strategies
Tell the world you’re ready for business! Here are proven ways to market yourself from websites to social media to email lists, newsletters, affiliate programs, referral opportunities and even how to generate business through public speaking.

About the author.

Caffeinated – Writer – Mama – Founder – Foo Fighter – Speaker – Trainer – Traveler

Chelle Honiker is a serial freelance entrepreneur launching six successful businesses over two decades. She’s the former executive director of the Freelance Association and the former Director of Operations for The Travel Institute. She’s coached thousands of entrepreneurs as a popular speaker and trainer. She says, “If you don’t know it, it’s because I haven’t explained it well enough.”

Vagabond Empires is the first in a series of books that help freelance entrepreneurs. 

Chelle Honiker