Pre-Launch Checklist Bundle





This course bundle is the first step in launching your freelance vagabond empire. We’ve included three separate courses:

Freelance Skills Checklist

To be successful, every freelancer needs to find their own work rhythm. And while there are many ways of managing your business, there are some universal truths that will ensure a long and successful career.  In this workshop, for both beginner and long-term freelancers, you’ll learn those truths and find out how to incorporate them into your unique workflow.

Client Avatars

Who is your ideal client? Can you describe who you’d love to see walk through your door? Creating your ultimate client avatar is important, regardless the stage of your freelance business. It’ll help you determine the type of marketing you do, the type of services you’ll offer, and the way in which you talk to others about your business. In this fun, important workshop, you’ll create your best client avatar, down to the nitty-gritty of how they’ll work with you moving forward.

Bootstrap Branding Basics

What’s in a name? Shakespeare asked that question hundreds of years ago, and we’re still asking it. The name and branding of your freelance business is the second most important question you need to answer. For some, their personal name has become their brand, almost by accident. For others, they’re being more deliberate in their choice of name and brand. This workshop will help you learn the basics of branding, without costing you an arm and a leg.