Work/life Balance

As a career choice, Freelancing is finally getting the respect it deserves. We offer online classes designed to start, grow, or run your empire wherever your wanderlust takes you – even if it’s just the corner coffeehouse.

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Freelance on your own terms.

Location Independence + Financial Security = Life on your terms.

If the idea of working in a castle in Scotland for a month appeals to you, you’re in the right place. If the idea of working from home in your pajamas and having *everything* delivered (Thanks, Amazon Prime!) – you are also in the right place. We’ve been there/done that. There’s no “right way” to design your empire. We can show you how we, and thousands of others, have done it successfully.

Vagabond Empires is an online learning site for freelancers wanting to work – and live – on their own terms. Courses are online and available 24/7, wherever you can poach some WiFi.

What are you waiting for?