How to Setup Website Tracking on WordPress (Google and Facebook Pixels)

90 Minutes – Intermediate Course

Google and Facebook have powerful tracking capabilities, but most people don’t know how to set them up or use them properly. Their sites just gather all that “dark data” and it sits there useless.

First things first. Let’s get your site setup to properly track your visitors, so you’re getting the good data you need and respecting the users’ privacy (and not running afoul of the law…)

In this 90 minute session you’ll walk though:

Google Analytics: How to setup your site to track and fire the pixel so you’re not tracking the wrong things. How to be sure you’re not tracking administrators or webmasters. How to implement UTM Codes for proper tracking of links and campaigns.

Search Console: If I have analytics, why do I need Search Console? We’ll cover the difference between the two and how you can use the right tools to be sure your site is indexed in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

Page Speed Insights: How to measure (and fix) the basic speed of your website. We’ll look at what really matters in all those warning flags.

Google Tag Manager: If you’re going to run Google Ads, we’ll walk through setting up the Tag Manager for basic tracking and prepare you for remarketing.

Facebook Pixel: Just the basics of getting the pixel on your site and firing for an event.

While this is a fast-paced class, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of why you need each of these tools, and how to configure them for the basics. In future sessions we’ll break down each of them in more depth. By setting them up now you’ll start collecting data you can take action on in those future courses.

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