Welp, we’re live.

What an amazing day. It’s been a hard sprint toward this day for the last six months, and it has been a mad ride. I took 20 years worth of STUFF from previous speaking engagements, training classes, workshops, webinars, lessons learned and general brain-things… and put them in one place. Updated, even. With some pretty graphics, too.

There are 12 courses there ready for pre-registration.
The lessons in each course automagically drop on Monday, June 4th.

I am personally (amazed, thrilled, shocked – pick one)  that it’s all come together – with a LOT of coffee, this freakin’ awesome Spotify playlist, and buckets of help from some pretty spectacular humans. I’m calling out these nerds in particular, but only because I’ve talked to them in the last 24 hours and they either talked me off a ledge or patted me on the head very kindly.

SO, thank you:

Laurie Leiker – You try texting someone garbage-brain words at 3am like I often do and see if you wake up to a carefully crafted document the next morning. She does this in her sleep.

Jackie Dana – 3,298,888 questions were answered by this stable genius. She came, she tested, she’s my hero. She’s like human gutter ball bumpers, keeping me moving down the bowling lane of life.

Lani Rosales – One part badass businesswoman, one part smushy marshmallow that gives the best advice and encouragement, generally in the form of inappropriate memes.

Myrna King – If you don’t have Myrna as your business/life coach, you’re not doing life right. She’s gotten ALL the kinks out of my own businesses and life, and here we are. This would never have happened without her accountability magic.

Jacob Stone – The #squadguy everyone needs. The video on this site is the result of his awesome mentoring, and once I move into my new digs I’ll have a proper loft studio and he’ll be able to help me really bump up the production quality another notch.

If you’re a freelancer wanting that elusive work/life balance once and for all, I really hope that the courses help you. I’ll keep them coming. As long as there’s coffee, that is.

Chelle Honiker, Chief Vagabond, or whatever. Titles are weird.